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Truck Comparison Guide: 2018 Silverado 1500 vs. Ram 1500


If you’re trying to decide between buying the new Chevy Silverado 2018 or the Dodge Ram 1500, then let us give you a jump-start. We’ve compiled data and laid out the biggest differences between both of these trucks, so you can make the best choice when visiting your trusted Chevy truck dealer in Marshall. Without further ado, here’s your Silverado vs. Ram 1500 comparison.


Towing & Power

When comparing the engines of the Silverado vs. Ram 1500, it’s easy to see which vehicle is more powerful overall. The Silverado base model has a 4.3-liter V6 engine, while the Ram 1500 has only a 3.6-liter V6 engine.

Looking at towing and payload capabilities, you must consider several different factors to understand a truck’s limitations.

First, look at the payload capacity to find out how much weight each truck can carry. For the standard model Silverado, its max payload capacity is 2,250 pounds (with the Chevy Max Trailering Package). The Ram 1500, on the other hand, can only haul about 1880 pounds.

Next, you should compare towing limits. A Silverado is your best bet for towing boats to the nearby lakes and rivers all around Missouri; the Silverado offers a maximum towing capacity of more than 12,500 lbs. The 2018 Ram 1500, with a 3.6-Liter V6 engine, has a maximum towing capacity of just over 10,600 lbs.

Expert reviewers at U.S. News have ranked the Silverado as one of the most powerful towing trucks in its class. Even while moving massive loads, the Silverado still handles well, especially when you select the V8 engine. They suggest upgrading to the Silverado trim featuring an eight-speed transmission, especially for those planning on towing every available weekend.

truck interior

Safety Features

Comparing the Silverado 1500 vs. Ram 1500 in terms of safety, the Silverado has more to offer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Silverado five stars for its durability in crash tests. The Ram 1500 only received four out of five stars in the same tests. Plus, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranked the Silverado well—better than the Ram 1500, in fact.

The 2018 Chevy Silverado also comes with its patented Teen Driver system, which enables parents to program speed limits as well as volume limits for the speakers inside the truck, keeping their teens focused on the road. The Ram 1500 offers no such feature.

The Silverado is even safer to drive because it has daytime running lights. The Ram 1500 has no DRLs. Studies on DRLs and accident prevention have shown that always-on headlights protect drivers.

The Silverado also has a notable difference of extra air-bag protection. It has airbags in the rear to protect against head injuries, while the Ram 1500 only has front airbags. Another option you have with the Silverado that you don’t get with the Ram 1500 is a set of front tow hooks.

On top of that, the Silverado also provides you with driver-assistance features like:

  • parking sensors in the front and rear;
  • lane-keep assistance;
  • forward-collision warnings;
  • automatic braking;
  • and a safety-alert rear seat.

Additionally, the new Silverado 1500 comes with the following driver-friendly features:

  • An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Support for smart devices
  • All-terrain front tires
  • A cabin with extra space

You’ll love life just a bit more with a Chevy Silverado as your truck.


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