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What is Buick Avenir?


As Buick’s official tagline states, Avenir represents “the highest expression of Buick luxury.” Boy is that the understatement of the year!

The Buick Avenir trims improve upon the external appearance of several models, adds built-in and optional features, and enhances overall performance. Basically, Avenir is a luxury trim that adds a layer of sophistication to the most popular Buick models.


What Buick models offer Avenir trim?

As of early 2019, Buick offers the Avenir trim with three models: the Regal luxury performance sedan – as a new Avenir addition – the Lacrosse midsize sedan, and the Enclave SUV.

  • The latest addition to the Avenir line, Buick Regal Avenir builds on the base Regal model, adding a layer of sophistication to Buick’s already-successful performance sedan model. As noted by Motor Trend, the Avenir upgrades take a car that already had great driving performance and adds the “special” feel of a luxury interior. Regal-specific Avenir upgrades include diamond-quilted front seats and a choice of Whisper Beige or Ebony beige interiors, among others.
  • The Buick Lacrosse Avenir continues to bring additional luxury to Buick’s largest sedan model. Upgrades to the Lacrosse base model include a redesigned exterior that gives the vehicle a sleeker appearance, leather massage chairs, and an upgraded sound system—all of which make the Lacrosse Avenir a more comfortable ride than ever before.
  • The Buick Enclave Avenir brings the Avenir luxuriousness to Buick’s core SUV model. The Avenir-exclusive 9-speed transmission adds power to the Enclave’s all-wheel-drive system and 310-hp engine, giving this powerful SUV superior handling and a smoother ride, both on- and off-road. Outside, an improved exterior trim gives the Enclave Avenir better lines and a sleeker appearance. Inside, soft leather seats and door panels make this version of the Enclave more comfortable for drivers, passengers, and anything else you need to pack inside.

How does Avenir differ from base Buick models?

Like many upgraded trim lines, Buick Avenir packages together a broad range of customized upgrades to base trims, presenting them in a single package.  These upgrades include built-in enhancements and additional options when shoppers design their interior.

External enhancements include glossy lines and extra touches that give Avenir vehicles a sleeker, faster appearance. Black chrome parts, exclusive Pearl Nickel wheels, and an intricate grille mesh all add an extra layer of sophistication to the way Avenir vehicles appear.

Interior additions include custom leather seats and door panels, all made with high-quality leather and hand-quilted cloth to give passengers the cushiest ride possible. Faux wood-grain detailing adds a layer of elegance when compared to more standard dashboards.

Beneath the hood, Avenir offers an innovative 9-speed automatic transmission and improved powertrain, both of which work beautifully together with new Automatic Noise Cancellation and improved suspension systems. These upgraded features allow for a smoother, faster, and quieter ride given a wide a range of driving conditions, from city to highway to backroad.

For convenience, entertainment, and audio purposes, the Avenir trim package comes with a central infotainment system and premium Bose surround sound, a step up from base-level Buick models. The included system offers driver assistance and easy access to all of the vehicle’s tech, such as the built-in sunroof, which is available in all Avenir models.


In short, if you’re looking to purchase a new sedan or SUV in Marshall that you can enjoyably drive anywhere, then you’d be crazy to pass over the Buick Avenir models. They really are well worth a look, as they build on the reliable high-end performance of Buick’s auto stars.

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