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The Ultimate ‘80s Summer Playlist: 101 Nostalgic Songs for Road Trips


Over 100 million Americans grew up during the musical heyday of the ‘80s, a decade that popularized British synth-pop, Norwegian synth-pop, Irish synth-pop—basically, if you had a car and radio in the 1980s, you couldn’t escape the synth-pop wave. Today, those same Americans represent 25% of the country’s population (of drivers). Although they aren’t rocking those sick hairdos anymore, you can bet they’ll turn up the volume during an all-eighties weekend.

Summer Playlist

Sound familiar? Then our summer playlist of ‘80s songs is all for you. We’ve got all that synth-pop. We’ve got power ballads. We’ve got hip hop, new wave, arena rock, post-punk, and 7-plus hours of every other influential ‘80s genre. So, stream them loud and stream them proud during your next road trip, but be sure to leave your Jazzercize leotard and tracksuit in the closet. [Click to Follow Our Spotify Playlist].

Now Streaming on Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

You’ve got your nostalgic jams. Now you’re ready to hit the road.

Wait…your car is a what? Well, that just won’t do for a fun summer trip, will it? Head to our Marshall car dealership to get a nicer, newer ride, like a Chevrolet Malibu, Cruze, or Camaro. The newest Chevrolet cars are available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow you to stream all your favorite eighties songs without a cassette player. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps even allow you to access your phone’s voicemails, messages, maps, and more. Sounds like a good deal.

Did we miss one of your favorite ‘80s tunes? Let us know in the comments, or poke us on Facebook and Twitter. We may be compelled to adjust our list.



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