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5 Truck Features Every Football Fan Needs For Tailgating


Football isn’t about smacking pigskins through uprights or launching Hail Marys into end zones—it’s about tailgating, silly. But an epic tailgate party isn’t going to plan or set up itself on game day. That’s why you need a good pickup truck with good tailgating features to ensure you have a good game-day extravaganza. These 5 truck features should allow you to embrace and enjoy the football season as God intended.

McCarthy Chevy Buick GMC Tailgating

1. Durable Carbon Fiber Truck Bed

Needless to say, when tailgating shenanigans ensue, you’re going to drop stuff in your truck bed the way Darrius Heyward-Bey drops footballs (sick burn). Sometimes it’ll be a brat loaded with mustard; other times it’ll be your entire grill. A durable truck bed, preferably one made of carbon fiber, is essential to protect against dents that will ruin your day.

Take the GMC Sierra 1500 and its composite bed, for example. The CarbonPro™ bed is designed to maximize every inch of carbon fiber material to safeguard the floor, wheel arches, and even the liftgate. It’s the first truck in its class to offer such a highly resistant bed, which makes it one of the top choices for “Tailgating Truck of the Decade.”

2. Flexible Truck Tailgate for Tailgating Tailgaters

GMC Sierra is also the owner of the world’s first six-function liftgate: the MultiPro™ Tailgate. “’Six functions,’ you say?” Let’s break it down for you:

  1. Pop it down for the traditional load-and-go.
  2. Flip up the “load stop” divider to keep your brewskis from sliding out onto the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot.
  3. Fold the inner gate down for easier access to your grill.
  4. When you need some additional leverage, you can also create a little step that safely holds the weight of an interior lineman.
  5. If you have comically sized brewskis, or maybe a blender or some mega-hardy 7-layer dip, swing the “inner gate load stop” to keep them in place.
  6. Turn your truck tailgate into a makeshift table and prep all your meats and BBQ thingies.

Tailgating 2

The new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also features a handy feature in its industry-first power-up and power-down tailgate. Use your key fob or a button on the gate itself to automatically lower it. When you’re done doing whatever it is you’re doing, repeat those steps to automatically raise it. See? Trucks are essential for tailgating.

3. Storage—And Lots Of It

A good tailgating truck is built to tow, yes, but it’s also meant to stow. Storage space is key. Inside, you need room to store and hide your valuables from thievin’ thieves while you’re at the game. Outside, you’ll want enough room in the bed for all your gear, or at the very least a storage compartment that acts as a cooler or portable pantry.

The Chevy Silverado offers several built-in storage solutions in its cabin. Two segment-first rear-seatback compartments provide enough room to hold items like wallets, tablets, and phones. Its rear underseat compartment is also large and welcoming to laptops or audio equipment.

Silverado’s cargo box volume is quite exceptional if we do say so ourselves. In Short Box form, the Silverado provides 20% more volume than its top rival F-150. It’s 6.75 inches wider, too, and comes with a total of 12 welded tie-downs—three times more than any other truck—that are each rated up to 500 pounds. The GMC Sierra 1500 shares these tie-downs, as well.

Chevrolet’s smaller truck, the Colorado, is quite a worthy tailgating specimen, too. With a GearOn™ Bed Divider installed, its bed can be OCD-level organized, allowing you more time to whip up that wicked 7-layer dip.


4. It’s All About Power

Set up your Arrowhead living room with ease. Simply plug in your flat screen and antenna to your truck’s bed-mounted outlet. Both the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado feature 120-volt power outlets rated for 400 watts—just enough to power televisions, a crockpot or two, and your smartphone.

If you plan on tailgating at night, you’ll appreciate the bed rail lamps on the Sierra and LED lights around the hitch, cargo box, and perimeter of the Silverado.

5. Or Is It All About Audio?

Keep the tailgating playlist going with the GMC Sierra’s Accessory MultiPro™ Audio System by Kicker®. This Bluetooth speaker system can be purchased as an add-on and integrated directly into its MultiPro Tailgate, allowing you to stream your music without a special Bluetooth speaker or audio system. Convenient, isn’t it?

Find Your Ideal Tailgating Truck in Marshall, MO

Whether it’s the Chevrolet Colorado, Silverado, or GMC Sierra, our Marshall truck dealership is the place to shop for your next tailgating pickup. Swing by and see our selection of new Chevy trucks or GMC pickups for sale at 1550 W Arrow. Call our GM sales team at 660-886-7495 to schedule a test drive or ask about our new vehicle specials.

(Pssst! Go Chiefs!)


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